About us

Umeåflygs goal is to be able to offer an easy way of finding the itinerary that suits you best, to the best price

Umeåflygs online booking tool offers comparing and booking flights all over the world. You can easily compare prices for different airlines using our website.

Our booking tool is easy to use and very fast, and you can sort on price, flight time, airline etc. Those of our customers who want more service can easily purchase the additional service Travel Agency Support.

10 reasons to book with us

  • Easy to compare one way prices
  • Fast and simple booking tool
  • Multi-language booking tool
  • Combine airlines
  • Easy to sort on flight time, price or airline
  • Additional Services like travel agency support
  • Easy administration and low cost
  • Low prices
  • Local online business in the Umeå region
  • Professional call center and local manager

From low cost airline to online travel agency

Umeåflyg has previously acted as a low cost airline, but today Umeåflyg functions as an online travel agency that monitors and compares prices on flights all over the world. Umeåflyg is run by AR Resebyråer AB on a booking tool platform delivered by Travelforce AB.